Challenge Data machine learning competition

Do you want to hone your data science skills on a variety of competitions? The Data Science Game is proud to introduce the Challenge Data machine learning competition.

The Challenge Data offers as many as 13 challenges in a variety of domains, prepared by organizations that range from startups to major companies: medicine (disease prediction from DNA data), vision (celebrity identification), physics (prediction of the dynamics of glass-forming liquids), finance (volatility prediction), NLP (prediction of categories for pharmaceutical questions), etc.

You will find all the necessary information at

These challenges are open to everyone, be it graduate students, engineers, professors, researchers or simply data science enthusiasts! Last year, the Challenge Data gathered more than 2,000 registered participants coming from about ten different countries.

They can also be used for class projects, as professors can monitor their students’ progress and access their scientific reports in a single click. So spread the word!

On June 1st 2018, a ranking leaderboard based on a snapshot of the scores (computed on a private part of the test set) will be published (the public leaderboard will keep running until December 27th). The top competitors will be rewarded with a prize during an award ceremony which will be held in January 2019 where they will be given the opportunity to present their scientific approach. This ceremony will also be a tremendous opportunity for all participants to exchange with the companies and laboratories that have provided the challenges, as well as with professors and fellow participants, fostering the scientific dialogue which is at the heart of this initiative.

We hope that you will soon register on the platform, and start enjoying these exciting challenges!

The Challenge Data initiative is managed by the Data team at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS Paris) and is supported by the CFM chair in Data Sciences at ENS, as well as by the Mathematical Sciences Foundation of Paris.