1. Only students, regardless of the field of study, can register to the competition.
  2. Participants must register by team of exactly 4 students from the same University. Each team should designate a captain who will be the reference contact with the Data Science Game staff.
  3. Each team have a maximum limitation of two PhD students. A European or African team consists of at most two PhD students. An American, Asian or Australian team consists of at most two students from the third or higher year of graduate school.
  4. To complete the online registration, each student must provide a resume and an official document stating the level of study using the following platform.


The competition will begin by an online qualifier round. The 20 best teams according to the private leaderboard will be invited to the final phase. These teams should match the following conditions:

  1. A university can be represented by at most one team. Only the best team from the online qualification round will qualify.
  2. A country can be represented by at most five teams. Only the five best from the online qualification phase will qualify.
  3. To ensure that no team is cheating, each qualified team must provide the code reproducing their best submission to check that no forbidden method has been used. Such methods will be described when the qualifier round begins.